MP Cuts turf at Upper Rissington School

CONSTRUCTION of a new school near Bourton was kick-started by Cotswold MP Geoffrey Clifton-Brown when he cut the very first turf.

First Cut

First Cut

The school is being built as part of a the new Linden Homes Victory Fields development, at the former Royal Air Force base.

As well as a village shop, community centre and pub, the neighbourhood will include a new sister campus to Great Rissington Primary School down the road. Work on the new school site is expected to be finished in the spring next year ready for classrooms to accept their first pupils later that September.

Mr Clifton-Brown said: “I was delighted to be able to cut the first turf of the new Upper Rissington Primary School. Not only will this be an excellent facility in its own right, in a stunning location, it will also end the need to have to travel further afield as parents and children living in Upper Rissington will now have a school on their doorstep.
“During my visit I was able to see the rest of the development, which will provide high quality homes in addition to the school and a new village shop.

“The other bonus of this development is that all the existing houses in Upper Rissington now have a new water supply and a reliable sewerage system, so that all the problems that existed in the past should now be eliminated.”

Also at the ceremony, was Great Rissington Primary School headteacher, Liz Bannister, county councillor Nigel Moor, and Ben Ramsay, operations director from Kier, the construction company building the school.

Peter Carpinelli, Linden Homes Thames Valley managing director, added: “A new school is always a special moment for a family community like Victory Fields, so we were delighted that the headteacher, local MP and county councillor were all on hand to join us in cutting the first turf.

“The event gave us the chance to update everyone on the progress we’re making on delivering high quality homes, jobs and investment to the area, and how Victory Fields is meeting the promise of flourishing into a friendly new neighbourhood.”


New Parish Councillors

After the departure of Councillors Hanks and Laird. The council has recruited two replacements, who constitute the vibrant new aspect of Upper Rissington Parish Council. This is an exciting time for the village, as it doubles in size and its good to see we have some positive thinkers in place. There is also, new opportunities for businesses, with a pub, shops and gym to consider. As well as a new school and community centre.

  • Richard Arnell,
  • Margaret Flint, Vice Chairman
  • Stuart Hepburn
  • Edward Timms, Chairman
  • Michael Triggs

Albion Water Meters

AW-logo-2013Albion Water should have contacted all residents by now asking whether they want to pay for their water by consumption (water meter), rather than a fixed charge.

Contact them directly if you haven’t been notified.

Contact details.

Information from Albion outlining charges here: UR Water Prices

Dog Fouling and Toxocariasis

This post is because dog fouling is becoming an acute problem at Upper Rissington. Can those with dogs look after the environment and our health please?

Dog fouling and the health risks

The main reason for dog fouling laws is because dog faeces is unhygienic and a health hazard. Dog fouling is unsightly, unpleasant and can lead to toxocariasis in humans.

Fouling laws do not cover faeces from other animals, because they aren’t hosts for toxicara and are less likely to foul areas where the public walk or play,

Toxocariasis causes serious illness and even blindness. It is caused by a parasite known as Toxocara Canis (also known as Roundworm). These parasites live in dogs’ digestive systems. Eggs are released in the faeces of infected animals and contaminated soil. If someone ingests infected material, the eggs may hatch into larvae and can lead to toxocariasis.

Toxocariasis usually affects children aged between one and four years. But cases of toxocariasis have been reported in people of all ages. Young children are most at risk because they are more likely to put things into their mouths and less likely to wash their hands properly.

Symptoms of toxocariasis can include seizures, breathing difficulties, a very red and painful eye, and clouded vision, usually only in one eye. Left untreated, toxocariasis can cause permanent loss of vision in the affected eye.

Prevention of toxocariasis

The disease can be controlled if dog faeces are disposed of immediately in a responsible manner.

Regular worming of dogs can help reduce the problem and we recommend it is done regularly. Dog owners should get advice from their veterinarian about suitable products and worming programmes for their dog.

Always wash your hands after handling animals or soil and before touching food.

Here is the LINK to Cotswold District Council.

Upper Rissington Business Park Options

The Village Square will be prominently located at the principal access into Victory Fields. The retail units provide space from 990 sq ft to 4,812 sq ft capable of being combined to provide larger units of occupation. There is also provision for a new health and fitness gym, a childrens day nursery and public house/restaurant.

Link to PDF: Village Square

Village Square

Today the Grass was cut around UR

Here are a few pictures from around the village – after the CUT.

Jubilee Gardens

The Jubilee Gardens were planted to celebrate the Queens Jubilee. It’s looking good, but could do with some more investment.

A few pictures for your own judgement.


Victory Fields – Update

Victory-photo-webThe developers are starting to pick up the pace. Really good to know that Albion Water have taken over the water and sewage for the whole village well before the planned 200th house was occupied.

For existing villagers – there is a movement to get Natural Gas to replace LPG (more on this when we have more information).

One of the huge C-type hangars has already been demolished. Plans are afoot to demolish two more as of May/June. Besana have already moved. Really interested to know how this will effect the original village as the wind break will be removed.

Linden have made a fantastic job of changing use of the Education section into 5 brilliant apartments.

And, finally the new arterial access road is progressing very well. We have been told that Wellington Road will join this sometime in the second week of May.

Upper Rissington PC Update

Following the recent resignation of the Upper Rissington Parish Council Clerk there will not be a Council Meeting on the 6th May.

A temporary Clerk has been appointed and I will stay as Vice Chairman, only fulfilling that role on a temporary basis.

It is hoped there will be a meeting during the week starting 12th May.

Village Update:

Grass Cutting Contract has been awarded and the Grass will be cut on Friday. As the grass is so long, this will be a rotary cut, followed by a roller cut very soon after.

Litter Pick – there will not be an official pick in May – I suggest in the meantime you persuade others not to drop litter.

Also, we need Councillors as a matter of urgency to join, (we already have one volunteer). This is an ideal situation for you to have your say.

Please note that until further notice the telephone will not be manned on a daily basis – but messages will be reviewed on a weekly basis.

Please disseminate this information throughout the village.

RMC and Upper Rissington Security

We have been reliably informed that RMC will no longer exist very soon. Obviously the grass cutting duties will fall to Bovis / Linden and who they plan to contract to do this.

Furthermore, the Business park security is also planned to finnish in June. This will effect us all, as the decaying Officer’s Mess will not be patrolled after June. Especially worrying with the children’s Summer holidays around the corner as we know our children like to explore this dangerous building. Also, the building site will not be patrolled after June and with all the high value building materials scattered around this is a huge mistake.

Finally, would like to thank the security company and RMC for looking after us during the difficult transition from Reland to Linden / Bovis it can’t have been easy.