Demolition of Hangar 56

Demolition has begun of the C-Type Hangar – No 56.

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An update from the PC regarding Gas Supplies and Broadband.

The Parish Council has recently had their first meeting with the consultant that the developers have employed to look after all utilities. The main reason for the meeting was to talk about mains gas coming to the current homes in Upper Rissington.

Having Calor Gas already on site complicates the issue, as there cannot be two different gas pipes in use round the village. This will require 100% of homes currently connected to Calor Gas to agree to change to mains gas.

There will also be a charge per house to be connected to mains gas. An estimate of this is in the region of £2000 but with the price differential between mains gas and LPG, this connection cost will soon be recouped by having cheaper mains gas. The ‘infill’ company, the company connecting us to the new mains gas pipe, will also check your current gas equipment, to see what is required to convert from LPG to natural gas. This cost is difficult to estimate as it depends on what gas equipment you have and how old it is; it could be just changing the jets to, it’s too old to be converted. This may be the time to change to more efficient gas equipment (even if it can be converted), as there will be more savings made over time.

Broadband was also talked about, as the consultant has been trying to get BT to lay new cables from Bourton (where our BT Exchange is) while they have trenches open for the mains gas. We were told that there are only around 200 telephone connections left on the current cable from the exchange, so BT will have to lay another cable for the new homes. The consultant has also suggested to BT, that perhaps this is the time to lay a fibre optic cable, as this will give Upper Rissington access to very fast broadband and also not being made of copper, isn’t likely to be stolen.

The next meeting, to be arranged, will be with the consultant and a representative from the infill company and will be open to all in the village, so questions can be asked directly.

David Harrison
Chairman of Upper Rissington Parish Council
22nd April 2013

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Officers Mess

Much has been said in the past about the Officers Mess at RAF Little Rissington.

I have added pictures here and here.

Here’s one from Mike Grierson taken 11 years ago (2002). I wonder if it will be a pile of rubble in another 11 or the promised development of 11 years ago.

Officers Mess 2002

Officers Mess 2002

Please make any comments you may have here.

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UR Litter Pick – April 2013

When: Saturday 20th April 2013

Time: 2pm – 4pm

Meeting Place: Meet at Village Hall Car Park

Who: All Volunteers Welcome

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31st March 2013 – Development

Pictures taken by Max Flint on 31st March 2013.

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Parish Plan Update

Upper Rissington Parish Plan - Progress Report March 2013

Thanks to everyone that completed the Parish Questionnaire last year. As a result of you taking the time and trouble to give us your views we’re able to base the Parish Plan on an almost 50% return. The views expressed were interesting and show a diversity of interests and opinions in the community. The reason for this update report is to share the information that we’ve gathered through this process together with the Steering Groups analysis and suggestions of the actions and plans needed to take this forward. The Parish Plan is intended to address the concerns, likes and dislikes of the community. Consequently, it’s important that you have an opportunity to express your view of the findings before the plan is finalised. So, after you’ve looked at the contents of this update, join us at the Easter Egg Hunt on 30 March from 11am to 2pm and chat to members of the steering group and give them your views on the findings. If you can’t make that date you can email your views and observations to

What Did We Do?

We started off talking with people at the events like the bonfire to gain an insight into the issues that you raised. That enabled us to devise the questionnaire we gave every household in Upper Rissington to voice your views. The questionnaires were constructed in a way that would give us statistical information that would help guide decision-making in the Village and the opportunity for you to enter freehand views and opinions so that we could gather as broad a picture as possible of the thoughts of the community. We visited all households in the village to collect completed returns. In those cases where the returns weren’t completed or there was no answer slips were posted through the doors to advise where the questionnaires might be returned. As a result, from over 360 questionnaires delivered we received returns from 164 households. There was a separate section for younger residents to gauge the views of Upper Rissington Youth. We received 84 completed questionnaires from the Youth Survey. Following the completion of the form, the questionnaires were sent to Gloucestershire Rural Community Council who have supplied constant support and advice through this process. They carried out the initial statistical analysis and returned the forms for the Steering Group to carry out a detailed analysis of the written comments.

The questionnaire was designed to collect information in two ways. The first was through the use of optional tick boxes, which gave us with a general analysis of community views. The most popular responses were as follows;

  • Emergency plan for bad weather (76%)
  • Bonfire Night (76%)
  • Village Fete (70%)
  • Scheduled Community Transport (68%)
  • No change to street lighting (62%)
  • Wildflowers to be planted on green spaces (62%)
  • More services at village hall (58%)
  • Village Cycle ways (58%)
  • Summer Barbeque (57%)
  • Regular Parish Newsletter (57%)
  • A village Bar (51%)

The top votes from the Youth Questionnaire were:

  • Cinema (71%)
  • Tennis Club (51%)
  • Art Club (42%)

As well as fixed ‘tick box’ responses we asked for ideas that could be expressed in freehand. We had a terrific response from the community, which we have categorised as follows;

  • Roads
  • Built Environment
  • Natural Environment
  • Safety/Police
  • Communication
  • Social and Leisure
  • Sports
  • Tourism
  • Housing
  • Services


We had nearly 200 suggestions within these categories with many helpful and well thought through ideas. Some of the suggestions were contradicted by others, for example regarding the preservation or scrapping of the old military road signs. The Parish Plan should reflect the wider view, so we need more input again from you to be able to include the appropriate action. Many suggestions were highly desirable e.g. village swimming pool, but had to undergo a reality check. (the commitment of this level capital and annual costs is outside of the scope of the Parish Plan Steering Group). Some suggestions were so practical and good that they could be started straightaway, e.g. a Village Social Committee who are actively planning and running social events such as the Curry Quiz night, bonfire night and a range of new activities planned for the coming year. When we publish the Parish Plan, some actions will already be complete! Other suggestions, when combined with the numerical analysis, help developers understand the demand for new services such as a Village Pub. 
We decided that the best way in which we could develop the plan was to prepare a summary list of achievable actions. There are a range of factors that have reduced the original list of wants, including obvious issues around, practicality, affordability and desirability. 
What next? 
We’re now engaged in asking you to prioritise those actions ready for the Parish Plan to gain the community view. These actions can be passed to individuals and organizations who will help to implement them within the Plan (The Parish Council, The Developers, The Social Committee are some of those). 
What are your priorities? Do you agree or disagree with the suggested actions? How important are the issues raised?
If you had to decide, what would be your top five short term, medium term and long-term choices for action and what would you want done? 
We’ll set up an area of the Village Hall on 30th March (The Easter Egg Hunt Event). Please visit us and give us your views. 
If you can’t make it on the day, you’re welcome to submit your thoughts by email to or write down your thoughts and have them dropped into us at the Village Hall on the day. 
These are the suggested actions and issues being considered for The Plan based on what you have told us so far. 
Roads – More snow removal and de-icing, Proper street name signage, Better parking control outside the Co-op, Improve road conditions, More footpaths, Limit speed through the village to 20mph, Safe pedestrian crossing to Sandy lane and Southgate Court, Better speed control through the village, Signage from A424 for Upper Rissington.

Built Environment – Village entrance flowerbeds, Benches for Bristol and Wright roads play areas and Jubilee Garden, Takeaways/Mobile vans, Improve children’s play areas, A pub, Improve pavements, More rubbish bins, Park/Play Area for older children.

Natural Environment – More trees, Community Wood, Allotments, Better control of dog mess, Nature reserve pond, improve grass cutting, continued vigilance regarding fly tipping and vandalism. Improve football pitches, footpath to Little Rissington, More care of green spaces,

Safety/Police – Comments regarding speed, vandalism and fly tipping covered in other sections.

Communication – Better communication with developers, Better publicity for social events, improved broadband, more meeting groups, improve village website, Facebook to be used for timely event promotion, Twitter for event promotion, relocate Coop notice board, regular community newsletter, use of to report and monitor issues.

Social and Leisure – Footpath linking current rights of way to village, more games for children, main entrance to tennis courts, trim trail, village activities such as quiz nights, skate park, live bands and folk group evenings, line dancing, jogging track paved behind Bristol and Wright Roads, Sports facilities, more community events, teenage activities and focused Youth Club, amateur dramatics, repair tennis courts, walking groups, gardening club, rural cinema, Gym and Keep Fit, restaurant/café, local history group, more clubs (such as WI, street dance, holiday, shooting, pool, art, slimming), Brownies/Beavers/Rainbow/Cubs/Guides/Scouts.

Sports – Badminton Court, Fitness Club, Cricket, Archery, Football, Tennis, Cycling, Fencing, Trampoline, Running Track, Boxing, Marshall Arts, Pilates, Rounders.

Tourism – Non-specific suggestions regarding making the village a tourist destination.
Housing – Suggestions were specific to The Development and separately managed through the planning process

Services – Street cleaning for leaves,  more litter bins, better facilities for children, dog play area, community project groups, wildlife reserve.

Other – Inter street fun competitions, Open the club at the Village Hall again, Social and sports club linked with tennis courts/club, consider smaller allotments for single households, mini shelters around the village, more grit bins, Upper Rissington on the map.

Remember, visit us at the Village Hall on Saturday 30th March 11am ‘til 2pm.

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Bovis – Construction Begins

Bovis are wasting no time in cutting trees down and starting construction on the first homes to be built at Upper Rissington in a number of years. A number of house bases have been laid, ready for the walls to be started.

Here are a few pictures taken today of the site, Copyright Max.

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Linden, Bovis – Compliance Planning Instructions

Cotswold Planning link to 13/00823/COMPLY

Compliance with condition 5 (phasing plan), 8 (landscaping), 24 (Surface water drainage details), 25 (Remediation), 26 (Foul drainage), 27 (Drainage strategy dealing with on and off site drainage work), 28 (Water supply), 34 (Scheme for laying out constructing estate roads) ,35 (Cycle parking), 37 (Lighting),38 (Slab levels) and 40 (environmental effect0.

Partial demolition of former military buildings and existing commercial buildings and redevelopment of the application site for up to 368 dwellings, up to 3140sqm of D1 and D2 floorspace, up to 2050sqm of A1-A5 floorspace, up to 7100sqm of B1 floorspace; conversion of former Officer’s Mess, the Station Sick Quarters, the former Station Headquarters and the former Education Block for residential purposes; provision of public open space, associated access and junction improvements and other associated works.

Below is a sample of one of the PDF files.

Bovis - Phase 1

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Village Square plans submitted to CDC

The following valid planning applications have been lodged or new details have been received in the Parish of Upper Rissington on 28 February 2013.

They can be viewed at the link below and also commented on if you have any suggestions.

Cotswold Planning Link to 12/03812/REM

Date: 28 February 2013
Location: Land Parcel At Upper Rissington , Upper Rissington, Gloucestershire, GL54 2NP,
Proposal: Reserved matters application for a Village Square to include local convenience store, public house, retail (Use Classes A1- A5), nursery and Class D2 use (pursuant to Outline planning permission ref. 08/03697/OUT)

Comments on the application to be submitted to CDC by: 21st March 2013

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Business Park plans submitted to CDC

Plans for the Business Park have been submitted to the Cotswold Planning authorities for acceptance.

They can be viewed at the link below and also commented on if you have any suggestions.

Cotswold Planning Link to 12/03811/REM

Reserved matters application for Business Park, including conversion of existing buildings into offices, new build offices (Use Class B1) and new build light industry enterprise units (Use Class B1) pursuant to Outline permission ref. 12/03811/REM

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